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Digital Communications

Digital Communications

Four Broadgate is leading the way in innovative digital communication techniques. Whether you are looking to increase web traffic, drive networking and sales through social media, or improve your online profile, we can help you navigate the complexities of the fast-paced and changing digital environment and improve your reputation online.

We offer a range of flexible services including: social media training, search engine optimisation, online reputation management, influencer targets, online monitoring and evaluation, blog development and writing, and web analysis and messaging reviews.

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  • Content is king for Google
    It is just 15 years in September that Larry Page and Sergey Brin first registered Google as a company based in a garage in Silicon Valley. Now with a market capitalisation of over $345bn Google is one of the most influential companies that have ever existed.  One of the most frightening statistics of its influence […]
  • What a difference a good interview makes
    As I listened to Ross McEwan, the recently appointed chief executive of RBS’s interview with John Humphries on Radio 4 (1 November 2013), I was struck by how elegantly he dealt and deflected the probing questions thrown at him by John Humphries. He didn’t rile John Humphries by stone walling questions, rather through a tone […]

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