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Modern propaganda – fake it till ya make it

Fake news is on the rise and it is important to question how it will affect an industry such as public relations, which is based on the dissemination and communication of accurate information from one party (the client) to the public. 2016 was a year of many things but the latter half of the year […]

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Ed Hooper

Do I have to choose between a home or a pension?

Like many people in their 20s living in London, I spend a large amount of my income on rent and often find myself anxiously eying my bank balance as the payment day approaches. While I consider myself luckier than many others, having a good flat near my work, with a very decent landlord, there is […]

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Sonam Patel

Bring back a bit of chitchat

Working in communications ensures I keep a close eye on the developments of the online world, with the ability to access information and stories at the click of a button. Technological advances have made sourcing information, expertise or data, far easier with journalists regularly sending email requests across their sector to bring in a number […]

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Josh Voulters BW

The power of a good (true) story

“Crooks, the lot of them”, he exclaimed: “stick it in an ETF and be done with it”. The uncomfortable looks from bystanders in the Eurostar terminal didn’t deter him: he was warming to his topic. “While they’re sailing around in their yachts…” pause for effect “It’s the little guy who gets left out in the […]

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Could robots be Absolutely Fabulous?

There has been no shortage of PR hyperbole surrounding the latest launches in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). Google Assistant, Royal Bank of Scotland’s new online “chatbot” called Luvo (who thinks up these names?) and Amazon’s personal assistant, Echo, are just a few of the many products that have been launched on the market […]

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Is the central banks’ era over?

It was the summer of 2007. Bear Stearns had announced, mid-July, that two of its hedge funds contained “very little” or “effectively no value” for investors and markets had succumbed to nervousness and volatility. As the rumours that had been pending over the US mortgage market seemed to be suddenly confirmed, investors began to look […]

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Are we taking financial education seriously?

Gareth’s previous blog, Who wants to be a financial adviser?, offers an interesting insight into the looming financial adviser talent shortage. It’s a sad truth – much of today’s young talent isn’t really interested in the role of the financial adviser. But how can people aspire to something that they have no basic understanding of? The level […]

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Who wants to be a financial adviser?

Fancy a job where the hours are flexible, where you will gain important and respected professional qualifications, meet new people, have almost unlimited earning potential and plenty of chance to travel the country? Expressed like that and the life of a financial adviser sounds distinctly attractive, so how can it be that, at a time […]

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Let us have our pension crisis

Two conflicting messages obstruct a frank discussion on the future of defined benefit pensions. The mainstream media recognises that DB pensions, whereby companies pay a guaranteed income based on years in service and salary earned, are generous, unsustainable and potentially crippling for their host. But reports also lynch any company which cannot pay its current […]

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Cara Steinson

Talk is cheap when going for green

There are a lot of things the Rio Olympics will be remembered for; some good and some for which I’m sure the organisers would rather forget. But in terms of Rio’s aim to leave a lasting legacy of sustainability as a “Green Games”, the colour of the Olympic diving pool is probably the closest it […]

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