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Specialist sciences group raising money for international expansion

Specialist sciences group raising money for international expansion

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nRai, a US nano sciences company, has moved to the UK and is seeking to raise capital to fund global expansion opportunities.

The company has assembled some of the leading laboratories, scientists and business people involved in new materials analysis and safety evaluation, a multi-billion pound industry fuelled by the commercialisation of nano technologies.

The proceeds of nRai’s £7.5m current fundraising will be used to acquire three businesses;

– Bio-Nano Consulting, a London consultancy spun out of Imperial College and UCL. Run by Dr David Sparphie, Bio-Nano Consulting helps companies comply with regulations concerning the introduction of new substances – such as nano materials – into the environment.
– Cerium Holdings Inc. is a profitable chemical and materials analytical services business with customers that includes government departments and semi conductor companies.
– Advanced Nuclear Devices was founded by Christopher Gintz, a pioneer in technology commercialisation.

Advanced Nuclear Devices has developed unique neutron radiation detection technology suitable for many security and commercial applications.

The acquisitions are part of a business strategy to form a globally diversified group providing advanced informatics, testing and measurement services and instrumentation for nano and other specialist materials, including nuclear.
The fundraising will also be used to strengthen nRai’s senior executive team and launch two new companies (Nano Tox in Germany and Nano Data Search in Ireland).
The EU regulatory compliance market for new materials is one of the main driving forces behind nRai moving to the UK.
Collectively, nRai group businesses own many patented synergistic intellectual properties and processes that make it ideally placed to be a main supplier to four major market sectors.
These markets are: Oil and Gas exploration, the Evaluation of Semiconductor Technologies, Nuclear Radiation Detection and System Development and Toxicology and Relationship Assessments between Nano and Nuclear in Biological Systems.
The nRai executive team includes Harry Bushong (President), Christopher Gintz (COO) and William Stahl, (Interim CFO), all of whom are specialists in the commercial development of nano sciences companies.
Prospective investors wishing to find out more about the current funding round, please contact nRai UK board director Christian Yates (
Harry Bushong, President of nRai, says:

“Through the integration and acquisition of these businesses, nRai has created a collection of complementary businesses representing some of the smartest, best networked scientists and teams engaged in materials analysis and safety compliance. The combination of nano scale and nuclear detection materials places nRai in a unique position for growth as a diversified risk identification, assessment, and mitigation business capable of meeting the needs of international companies and governments.

“Europe is the driving force behind most of the new regulatory practices for new materials and nRai can expedite the regulatory approval process and safe implementation for commercialisation of advanced materials in the world’s sophisticated economies.
“By raising a relatively small amount of money to make three strategic acquisitions, we will be a key player in multi billion pound markets. The time is right to leverage our preeminent value proposition and first mover advantage to commercialise game changing technologies that have been or are being developed.”
For further information please contact:
Roland Cross, Director
Four Broadgate
Tel: 020 7726 6111 / 07831 401309

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