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Mass home-working experiment for London businesses

Mass home-working experiment for London businesses

As London businesses take part in a mass home-working experiment, Professor Peter White, from the Planning and Transport Studies department at the University of Westminster talks about how changes that have been implemented for the Olympics could influence longer-term behavior:

“Employers have been encouraged to adopt teleworking to a greater degree than usual during the period of the Games, to reduce pressures on the transport system.

“Previous research at the University of Westminster, in collaboration with others, has indicated that many of the barriers to teleworking are connected with management attitudes, rather than technology as such. Relatively few people appear to want to be ‘full time’ home teleworkers, but a combination of some whole-day home teleworking (for example, one or two days per week) and retiming of trips (for example, to avoid the morning peak) could be attractive to many. There is a clear possibility that encouraging teleworking on a larger scale for a short period could in fact stimulate changes both by employers and workers over the longer term.”

A full research paper is available on request.

To find out more information or to arrange an interview with Professor White, please contact:
Sarah Evans-Toyne/ Lianne Robinson/ Chiara Barreca
Four Broadgate
+44 (0)20 7726 6111

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