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Kestrel broadens AIM Inheritance Tax Solution

Kestrel broadens AIM Inheritance Tax Solution

Kestrel Investment Partners (Kestrel) has broadened the Kestrel Inheritance Tax Solution (KITS) offering to include retail clients as well as professional clients. This is a discretionary investment management service aimed at reducing inheritance tax (IHT) liabilities by investing in a selection of AIM companies chosen and managed by Kestrel.

KITS is based on Kestrel’s strong track record of investing in small and micro-cap companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange, most of which are listed on AIM and are eligible assets for the purpose of reducing an individual’s IHT liability through Business Property Relief (BPR).

The KITS investment team is lead by Stuart Rollason with other small cap managers Max Royde and Oliver Scott, and with Ari Zaphiriou-Zarifi chairing the investment committee.

Kestrel Partners have, between them, more than seventy years’ experience as intermediaries and investors in smaller quoted companies listed on AIM.  KITS commenced investing on behalf of clients in July 2011. The earliest portfolios that have been invested for more than a year have risen by over 25% (after taking into account all dividends and charges). KITS portfolios invested over shorter periods show smaller, but still positive gains.

Stuart Rollason, manager of KITS says: “We are able to offer our investors a bespoke tax service, reducing any potential IHT liabilities after only two years.

“The backbone of our IHT solution is a strict and prudent stock selection procedure. We only invest in established, growing companies led by strong management teams that are profitable and cash generative. By avoiding the higher risk companies on AIM, we have been able to generate strong positive gains for our clients.

The main attractions of using AIM stocks to obtain IHT relief are firstly that our investors retain control and access to their investments at all times and secondly, full IHT relief is obtained after only two years as opposed to seven years for traditional IHT trust schemes.”

KITS is available to UK based individuals with estates that are expected to be valued significantly in excess of the nil rate band for IHT, currently £325,000. The minimum investment is £50,000.



For further information or to speak to Kestrel, please contact:
Four Broadgate
Roddi Vaughan-Thomas, Lianne Robinson or Chiara Barreca
020 7726 6111

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About Kestrel

Kestrel is a boutique investment management firm which focuses on applying specialist but proven investment techniques to protect and grow wealth over the long term. Our range of specialist investment funds includes inheritance tax solutions, small cap investing and dynamic asset allocation strategies.

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